Offering a great range of Body Piercing Jewellery and Accessories.

We offer Needle Piercings for $35

* Navel * Eyebrow * Nipple * Tongue * Webbing * Smiley *Septum *Nose *Lip

We Offer Ear Cartilage Piercing with Needle Only for $35

*Helix *Daith *Tragus *Rook *Forward Helix *Conch *Anti-Tragus

Industrial for $55

Dermals $45

Surface Piericngs $45

Gun Piericng for Lobes, Helix and Nose also available

At Charm we pride ourselves for our cleanliness and Hygiene in our piercing studio.

We follow and Practice the latest Piercing Techniques and Standards. We will Never Compromise your health and Safety.

All Tools and Jewellery is Medically Steralised in a Autoclave machine making them completely sterile and safe.

We have a extensive range of Surgical Steel Body Piercing Jewellery and Nose Studs as well as Stretchers and Tunnels up to 35mm.

Aside from the Piercings we also stock a unique range of Jewellery and accessories making Charm a great place to shop for afforable, quality gifts.